Monday, November 24, 2008

Our philosophy

ur mission is to educate students to be responsible citizens in a complex and rapidly changing world with the skills to think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively.

We seek to achieve high academic standards, bringing together well-motivated students and highly qualified and dedicated staff who have gained their experience in the best secondary schools and universities in Cracow. We also raise achievement through increased training and staff development. We believe in examining and applying the findings of educational research, new initiatives and new technology to enhance students' learning. We invest in good modern resources and are increasingly looking to information technology to aid the learning process. We offer specially designed programmes and numerous extracurricular classes. This ensures both breadth of experience and depth of study. We adopt an active approach in teaching in order to encourage personal involvement and development in class. Our goal is to succeed in developing students' ability to work both independently and in groups or teams. Every effort is made in order to ensure that pupils enjoy their learning experience.

In a friendly and caring environment, each young person committed to our charge is encouraged to explore and develop their full potential. A climate of expectation and success is encouraged, as we believe in the ability of every student to achieve excellence in some aspect of life. We want to nurture students' self-esteem and develop their confidence. Self-discipline, the growth of moral and spiritual awareness are encouraged and opportunity is provided for all our pupils to acquire sound values, responsible attitudes and leadership qualities. Self-discovery, love of learning, appreciation of cultural diversity, and civic responsibility are the core of our program.

We want to introduce our students to the role within the community. We strive to provide an education that prepares students for study and work alongside people from many different cultures, religions and nationalities. We want to encourage the will to act in the service of the community, as we believe that an international education must go well beyond the provision of information. It should be involved with the development of attitudes which transcend barriers of race, class, religion, sex or politics. Our students are encouraged to develop qualities of understanding and empathy and our over-riding principle is that we treat one another with respect.

The continuing success of our pupils is a source of great pleasure and pride to all involved in our school as we seek to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century.