Thursday, September 10, 2009

Comenius Meeting in Kraków

Comenius Meeting in Cracow

12-16 October 2009

Slovenia Italy Lithuania Lotva Poland

Hello and Welcome dear friends from ITALY, LATVIA, SLOVENIA and LITHUANIA
on behalf of the Headmaster, teachers and students of the European College in Cracow

My name is Dąbrówka Żarska, I'm 15 years old and I attend the Pre-IB 1LO class at the European College in Cracow. I'm thrilled to welcome you soon to the beautiful city of Cracow, in which I hope you will feel right at home in (or at least somewhat at home). In my school, there are students from all over the world! Some are from Cracow and from nearby cities, while others (such as myself) are all the way from the United States and AUSTRALIA (of all places)!!!!! So as you can see, this gathering of students from all over the globe will truly be a MULTI-CULTURAL experience. During your visit, I'm sure you (and we as well) will learn all sorts of interesting new things about not only Cracow and Poland, but also about all the other countries visiting. I hope that the warm, cheerful and inviting hospitality of the people, mixed with the delicious taste and smell of the food and the beautiful architecture and land will make this trip one to remember and hopefully you'll visit us again soon.

Dąbrówka Żarska