Friday, November 13, 2009

Comenius Project Meeting in Kraków

Dear Friends from Slovenia, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania!

Thank you for coming to Kraków!

It was a pleasure to host you in our school and beautiful city!


The principal of European College in Kraków - Aleksander Korzec

The coordinator - Joanna Pillans

The project teacher - Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska

 *    *    *  A few words from Polish students   *   *  *

Hello, this is Szymon from Kolegium Europejskie high school in Cracow (Poland).

I had a chance to take part in the Comenius exchange program and host two Slovenian people. It was a new experience to me as I’ve never before participated in any school exchanges. 
I hosted two female Slovenian students: Nika and Irena for about one week. At first, they were a little bit shy but after short time we all could talk freely. Girls were very kind to me and my family. During all these days the weather was really, really bad, so it was a pity that our guests could not fully enjoy the sightseeing. Despite that, they apparently liked it very much. There were many trips organized, including those to Zakopane, Auschwitz and Wieliczka. Unluckily, my guests didn’t have any suitably warm clothes and shoes with them so if you want to go on a Comenius exchange, please think twice about what you take with yourself :)! Nika and Irena enjoyed Polish cuisine, especially pierogi. At the end, Slovenians gave my family big chocolate and a printed album of Slovenian landscapes. We gave them some amber jewellery, which is traditionally associated with Cracow.  
In general, my guests really enjoyed the exchange. Nika and Irene seemed to be positively surprised by what is Cracow like. Now, I’m looking forward to fly to Sicilly as a part of Comenius program.

Szymon Bartuś, IB2 class

*  *  * 

Dear Friends,

The Comenius Project Meeting was   a great experience. I think everyone could learn a lot! it was an intensive week and each day was packed with things to see and people to meet. The first day was a good way to start off the week, when we all gathered together at the town hall and every country had its presentations. A great event was Tuesday`s night - Saint Andrew`s Evening. Everyone got a chance to relax and have some fun. It was a great opportunity to share our Polish traditions with our overseas students. An evening like that was needed to get everyone talking and interacting with each other. 

In my opinion, The Comenius Project Meeting in Kraków was a great idea and a great success:) I certainly enjoyed the week and I believe my international students did too. Hopefully, there will be many more meetings like this one to come. I`m sure this expereince will stay with us for a long time.... :)  

Natalia Dębska, pre-IB class

*   *   * 


The Comenius Project Meeting in Kraków was really fun! we went on a lot of great field trips. In my humble opinion, the best part of our meeting was Saint Adrew`s Evening - in Polish Andrzejki. It was our job  - pre-IB class - to take care of the games that we were all playing at the party. After the games we taught our new friends how to dance Polish dance - and after a while we had  a great time dancing. Our class was responsible for preparing interesting games for the students from Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania and Italy. The play and evening came out really good and I think they liked them. 

I also took part in the field trip to Oświęcim. It was very touching for everybody..... What happened there to those tormented people is very tragic. Besides, it was really cold when we were there and by such weather conditions we all felt very depressed and sorry... The movie they showed us at the end of the tour about the camp and prisoners taught me many things and facts I didn`t know.

Visiting snowy Zakopane was full of emotions :)

During one week I met a lot of cool people from Europe:) and I hope I will have a chance to see them again someday.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and I will never forget Meeting in Kraków.

Sandra Struzik, pre-IB class

O u r     f r i e n d s    v i s i t i n g     E u r o p e a n    C o l l e g e


TEACHER: Antra Gertmane


Morkevičiūtė Karolina, Šimoliūnaitė Laura, Kučinskaitė Iveta, Skeisgielaitė Gabrielė, Lepševičiūtė Milda, Ručinskaitė Paulina, Račkaitytė Iveta, Bakanaitė Erika, Januškaitė Jolita, Vaitkutė Milda,  
Teacher: Ilona Martinkaitienė


Katja JEMEC, Sonja ČRV, Irena KOŠIR , Nika JESENKO, Katarina JERAJ, Primož KRIŽNAR, Nik MAIERLE, Žiga RADULJ, Boštjan CERAR, Žiga VIDIC, Urban FRONTINI, Kristina KEBER, Pia TERZIČ, Maja PLESTENJAK 

Teachers: Vladimir JANEŽ (coordinator),     Mojca GUŠTIN  


Amato Caterina, Agola Alessandra, Longo Giovanna, Trovato Beatrice, Butera Angela, Milazzo Rossella Maria, Pampalone Rosalia, Dara Federica, Garacci Mariangela, Lipari Floriana, 
Teachers: La Monica Giovanna,  Sorrentino Mariella (coordinator),  FundarÕ Annalisa

* * *

Teachers from Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy &  Poland.


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