Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Students of European College

    Pre-IB Class 

Slovenia - my memories - The Image of the Other

Discover Ljubljana
     As you probably know, or don’t know :))), recently there was an exchange with Slovenian students organized, in which I was fortunate to take part. However, I won’t provide you with pleasure of reading about thrilling expedition to a cave or exploring the seductive charm of Slovenian architecture. What I wanted to write about is the thing, which I found to be the most interesting during this exchange,  which is, or rather are, differences between “our”and “their” culture, which we had opportunity to get to know from the very first day, or rather night. 
   We spent the first night of our exchange in the hotel, close to the city centre of Lubljana. If you have studied geography you know that it is the capital of Slovenia. At least it’s the only thing I knew about Slovenia by that time and that with my always insatiate desire of knowledge was the reason why I decided to fill in the gaps of my mental map. As I stepped into Lubljana’s streets, the first thing that struck me was the tranquility of the city, which wasn’t disappearing as we were getting closer and closer to the centre. As I later found the cause of that phenomena was closing of almost all cafés, bars and pubs by midnight, which was, I have to admit, quite stunning for a person being used to the night life of Cracow. Not less surprising was the amount of clubs which reached the remarkable number of four. As Lubljana has about 250 thousands of citizens, I quickly counted that for one club falls about… many young people who are likely to visit one of such institutions:)) on Friday night. However, as I got to the club with the graceful name “Ultra”, it got clear that apparently it’s “No country for young men”. My suspicions were confirmed in another club, K4, which was said to be the best club in Lubljana. Well, maybe it was for twenty people, including seven djs having “fun” there, tapping with one feet to the rhythm of music and keeping the safe distance from the other users of the club, especially those of the opposite sex.  
    Eventually I got back to the hotel, feeling a bit unsatisfied by the Lubljana’s nightlife, but rich in new experiences of another kind, about which and also many more, I will tell you in the next edition of “Kolegium Europejskie Daily”.

Michał Porwisz, IB1

Postojna Cave (Photo No1), Piran (Photo No2:
students of IB: Mateusz Domagała, Michał Porwisz, Gabriela Mamoń, Karolina Ambroziak, Łukasz Marcinkowski, Sonia Wosiek, Monika Kozłowska, cooridnator of Comenius Project in our
school Joanna Pillans & teacher of European College Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska

Comenius Project - The Image of the Other

The Image of the Other
27 March - 6 April 2009 Ljubljana, Slovenia 

    At the end of March ’09, eight students from our school went to Slovenia to take part in an international exchange program called The Image of The Others. We were hosted by families of Slovenian students, who also took part in this exchange, and will come to Poland in October. 
    Our trip started with a gathering of all of the students from Latvia, Lithuania and Italy who, same as us, decided to become a part of TIOTO. After short presentations of the countries, we went bowling. Although it was a great fun, more important was a chance to meet and talk to the other participants. During the rest of the days we had an opportunity to visit most of the important museums in Ljubljana, but also our plan included one-day trip to Postojna cave. Our group was astonished by the clash of modern buildings and galleries with old monuments.
    We were all amazed by the warm welcome and a great trip plan. Also we are thankful for the given opportunity to learn something about Slovenia. At the end we would like to mention that we are looking forward to hosting our Slovenian friends, and showing them how great is our hometown, Cracow.

Michał Porwisz & Łukasz Marcinkowski, IB1