Friday, June 18, 2010

A normal school day in European College

In European College everyday starts in the cafeteria, we as a class meet here and talk, buy something to drink for the day and venture into classes. Every day we have different classes with different teachers sometimes we have double classes in a day for example two histories. One class is 3 quarters of an hour followed by 5, 10, or 15 minutes break. When we have breaks we talk with our friends and socialize. We set up meetings after school, talk about parties in the city and new movies and interesting clubs in Cracow. English classes are very easy for most students as nearly everyone in our school speaks English fluently, however, the rest of subjects is a little more challenging. We have great problems with maths, physics, chemistry and computer programming. We are more of a humanistic class. The life in our school concentrates in cafeteria, most talking is done there as well as meetings with friends over a cup of coffee, most presentations and group projects for classes are prepared there, too.

History is one of our favorite lessons because of the amazing history teacher Grzegorz Ciemała who teaches us about both Polish history in our native language Polish as well as the world history in English.
Most of subjects in our school are taught in English as a pre-taste of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that we will follow next year. In Poland, we have “matura” which is a final exam before university, however, in our school we can take International Baccalaureate exams, they are an international exam which makes it easier for us to study in any university in the world! In IB system there are two years of continuous projects and assignments which also determine the grade from 1 to 7 where 7 is the best grade you can acquire. Because of 6 different subjects each person chooses there are many different time tables and sometimes people have free periods before another class. In their free time they socialize in cafeteria. We are a year before IB 1 and thus are called Pre-IB class. At the end of this school year we were choosing our subjects for the IB programme. Each of us has a different timetable so we will be working in different groups and when we see each other will depend on the time tables we have.

Our teachers most of the times don’t go easy on us making us work hard and study each day. Internet sites like facebook play an important role in our life as they allow contact between people who in our classes sometimes live far away from each other. On facebook we remind ourselves about tests, quizzes and oral tests. Hope you can now picture better the daily life in our school.

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