Monday, June 14, 2010

A trip down memory lane...

As the holidays are approaching, it's a time to reflect. To remember back to the good and the bad times of this school year.

As students of Pre-IB, we are happy to say, that this was a year that we will never forget. One of our first memories together, was the school trip to Krynica. There we built our friendships, formed amazing memories together and had so much fun. Those five unforgettable days went by so quickly as we had a great time together.

After those few days of getting to know each other, we returned to school, as one big happy family. It was time to get to work. That is when all the testing, studying, homework and projects started. It was
stressful at times, but we got through it with positive results. In October we participated and hosted guests from Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Italy, as part of the Comenius Project. This project opened a lot of opportunities for us and we realised that we are able to have friends all over the world. We thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Krakow. We prepared a special performance for them about the legend of the Wawel dragon. It was rewarding for us and it was entertaining for them.

During Christmas, we had our first Christmas lunch together as a class. A week later we had Christmas break which lasted till the New Year. We returned back to school fresh-minded and relaxed, however it wasn't too long before winter break started. In the second semester our school week cycle began once again. There was nothing interesting about this intensive learning time.

Finally, in April we set out on our long awaited journey to Latvia and Lithuania, the last trip of the Comenius Project. We spent ten days travelling, site seeing, meeting new people and learning about these two countries. It was an amazing experience and we had so much fun! We met so many interesting people and made friends from different countries. We returned back to Poland with a new perspective on life and a feeling of achievement.

Now all we are thinking about is the summer time. Some of us are still improving our marks, but in our school there is such a relaxed atmosphere, that we can feel that summer holidays are just around the corner. This year has been one to remember! by pre-IB students

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