Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So there will be a runoff

June 20 after people voted in presidential election it became clear that a runoff will be held during vacation on July 4 because no candidate scored more than 50%. The runoff will be held between Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a former Prime Minister, leader of the of the populist party PIS and twin brother of the late President Lech Kaczynskia and Bronislaw Komorowski of the right wing PO. While PIS believes itself to be a right wing/center party, PO states that they are liberal party.

The results after first part were as follows:
Komorowski in first place with 41.2%, Kaczyński with 36.7%. Grzegorz Napieralski in third place with suprising 13.4% for the social-democratic SLD, 2.5% for Janusz Korwin - Mikke, 1.8% for Waldemar Pawlak, 1.4% for both Andrzej Lepper i Andrzej Olechowski. Only 55% of people eligible to vote went to the voting boxes.

Both Kaczynski and Komorowski will be fighting for the voters and seeking the support of the electorate of Grzegorz Napieralski, although it seems to me that Bronislaw Komorowski is more likely to gain support of his voters.

If Kaczynski wins we will find ourselves in a fight between the president and the parliament which is ruled by PO. I would like Bronislaw Komorowski to win as I believe he would bring in a more peaceful and quiet cadency.
by Beniamin Palider-Traczyk, pre-IB

Acting president, and presidential candidate Bronislaw Komorowski greets his supporters after acknowledging exit polls on Sunday.

Two-round system
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The two-round system (also known as the second ballot, runoff voting or ballotage) is a voting system used to elect a single winner. Under runoff voting, the voter casts a single vote for their chosen candidate. However, if no candidate receives an absolute majority of votes, then those candidates having less than a certain proportion of the votes, or all but the two candidates receiving the most votes, are eliminated, and a second round of voting occurs.

Runoff voting is used around the world for the election of legislative bodies and directly elected presidents.

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